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PostSubject: Rules!    Rules!     I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 25, 2011 4:22 pm

Please take note that this group is for DeviantART members, so if you want to join in, you have to have a DeviantART and send your applications to either EnelleGrey or DreamlessLove. No one else.

i: Must be a pokémon gijinka! No other form of gijinka, no humans, no pokémon. Only a pokémon gijinka.

ii: Only one gijinka per pokémon. Two on a special occasion. Max is three. Please send us a note if there is already a gijinka for your pokémon and state the reason why you believe another slot should be added to said pokémon.

iii: No legendaries, unless you are a co-member! I cannot push this enough! You may /not/ have a legendary pokémon unless you have connections in the group!

iv: Please update regularly. The first step to a dead group is non-regular updates. Once a week, one every two weeks, just try to update at least once a month.

v: As opposed to rule iv, don't update too much! I don't want random head shots on your math homework or anything of the sort. Something that was half-assed and effortless should not be in the gallery. Please take time and consideration into each piece you submit.

vi: Yes, you may ask someone else to draw your character. I understand if you can't draw, or you're not confident enough to draw. I was there once. However, if you're going to get someone else to draw your character, make sure it's the same person drawing your character each time you submit. I don't want your character drawn by completely different people, unless they're in the group and drawing them as a "Fanart." Also, the person drawing your character cannot be in the group. The reason for this is because it technically means that person has another character.

vii: Please, as well as updating, roleplay regularly! The entire purpose of this group is to do so! Don't just use this group as an advertisement for your character. If you're going to take the ONE slot for the pokémon, please don't let it go to waste.

viii: Do NOT backlist other people's art. You will have three strikes. If I get complaints that you're insulting, degrading, or bashing someone's art/character you will be kicked out of the group without a second's hesitation.

ix: Please try to be literate in your speak. No offense, but if you can't say "I have a dog, she really likes you." As opposed to "i have a dog she lieks u," then you shouldn't be roleplaying! Please, proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, word use! I can understand a typo here and there but seriously. At least try.

x: All applications must be sent to EnelleGrey or DreamlessLove via Note! Do /not/ post your application in the comments, group note, or anything! To EnelleGrey or DreamlessLove only!

xi: Yes, there's a lot of rules, but without them this group would be absolute chaos! So my last and final rule is - unless something happens and I feel the need to add another rule - have fun with the group! Don't cry, get irritated, or stressed with the group. If it makes you that miserable just leave! It's not like you're being forced to be here! So have fun with it if you are!

And of course, if you do plan to join us, you would need to fill out the application, which can be found here- http://epokelypse.deviantart.com/#/d37trx7 (Created by Raygirl15, which we greatly appreciate! A wonderful job you did!)

But of course, there is also rules for the application that you must read before you fill it out.

Name: -The Name of Your Gijinka. May Not Be the Name of the Pokémon.-
Gender: -Pretty Self Explanatory. Traps, Trannies, Heteros, and Genderless Are Allowed, Yes.-
Age: -No Less Than 13, No Older Than 30.-
Personality: -Please Give At Least 5 Traits About Your Character, For the Good of Others.-

Pokémon Name: -The Name of the Pokémon Your Gijinka Is Based Off Of.-
Pokémon Type: -Example: Psychic, Fighting, Grass, Ice.-
Pokémon Number: -The Pokémon's Number In The NATIONAL Pokédex.-
Level: -Your Level May Not Be Lower Than Your Gijinka's Age. Your Level Also May Not Be More Than Twice Your Gijinka's Age. Mods, Cofounders, and Contributors Have Special Acceptions.-
Powers: -Research Required. We Will Make Sure Everything Makes Sense When Scanning Your Application. Example, If Your Gijinka Is Level 12, He/She May NOT Under ANY Circumstances Have a Level 13 or Higher Skill.-
Ability: -Research Required As Well.-
Items: -Optional. Any Item Is Allowed, As Long As It Makes Sense And Actually Exists.-

Of course, it's not as hard as you may think. Most information you can find on this lovely site- http://www.serebii.net/ - So don't stress too much over it. But since we know all the information is on there, we will be checking. If your application does not fit our rules, it will be denied, but don't fear, we will tell you all that is wrong and if you can get it fixed up nice, it will be checked over for a second time and hopefully accepted. We don't deny anyone for their art work or without any reason.
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